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"You don't have a chance, grab it!"

A Play from:
Eva Maropoulos, Christina Spaar and
Joëlle Danielle

Oeil extérieur:
Günther Baldauf

A play for adults

Duration: 60 min,

without intermission

in german

Three women make a stage performance about Sisyphus and the bureaucratic madness with language, rhythm and movement.


Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I systemically relevant?

Do you still need me or is that it?                   


Many artists were confronted with this existential question during the pandemic. The young actresses Joëlle Danielle Dillmann, Christina Spaar and Eva Maropoulos were also suddenly confronted with closed theater doors. During this time, they often sat together, exchanged ideas and lamented about this miserably stupid situation - until they were suddenly able to laugh again. And then the three of them knew they had to do something about it. 


"You don't have a chance, grab it!", a play about Sisyphus and bureaucratic madness with language, rhythm and movement.

The protagonist Sissy Sisyphos fights her way through the phone calls with the unemployment office, has to spell her name over and over again and is connected from case worker to case worker. Like Sisyphus from Greek mythology, she starts over again and again, trapped in a system against which she has no chance... or does she?  


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