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Trio Tria

We (Christina, Eva and Joëlle) are three actresses from Zurich and together we form the Trio Tria!
We are young, fresh and bubbly and full of energy!

Our paths crossed for the first time during our training at the Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg. Already during the training there were smaller projects in which the three of us were allowed to work together and we always found great joy in it.

After the training, each of us went in a different direction. Eva moved even higher up north for a permanent engagement, Christina to Switzerland for a play contract, and Joëlle traveled the world.
Two years later, we sat together again over a good drink and talked about our work as actresses and artists. We quickly realized that we all had a longing to give free rein to our creativity and joy of acting, to start our own project and tell our own story. So without further ado we founded the "Trio Tria".

Here we are now, looking forward to the world of theater and what else there is to discover behind the scenes.

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Eva Maropoulos
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Eva Maropoulos

Inside her burns the fire of passion and her head bubbles with ideas. With her infectious energy and her great love for art, Eva whirls across the stage like an Amazon, taking us with her and giving us everything she has.

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Joelle Danielle
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Joelle Danielle

Intuitively, she goes to work and before she utters a thought, she has already sensed it. She lets herself be guided and driven by her curiosity. Working with her is like a feast of Dionysus. It is fruitful, intoxicating and liberating.

Christina Spar

She is changeable like Zeus and uses this ability. Christina slips into every role and makes them come to life. Vital, clear, fresh and full of energy she seduces the audience with her performance. Power and lust unite with her to a strength as only Hercules knows.

Eva started her artistic career in 2006, when she began an apprenticeship as a catering specialist at the 4-star hotel "Swissôtel Zürich" in Oerlikon. Things were always hectic and no matter what faux pas happened, she always had to put on a smile and stay friendly. Pure acting training. In 2015, she went to Hamburg to study acting. Already during her training, she played at the Schlosstheater Celle, as well as at the Schleswig - Holstein Landestheater. The latter brought her to the house for a permanent engagement in the summer of 2018, where she played until early summer 2019. After this permanent engagement Eva started in February 2019, the Master of Theater at the Bern University of the Arts and successfully graduated in the summer of 2021. In the season 22 / 23 she played at the Theater Kanton Zurich in the play "Der nackte Wahnsinn" (Director: Rüdiger Burbach) at the St.Galler Figurentheater in the youth play "@alice.snow.white" (Director: Oliver Kühn) and in the musical "Helvetica - Das Volksmusical" under the musical direction of Goran Kovacevic. In the upcoming season she is engaged for three plays at the Theater Kanton Zürich. She will premiere with "Die Laborantin" on September 7, 2023 in Winterthur. Furthermore, she will be seen in the youth play "35 Kilo Hoffnung" in the leading role and also in the summer production 2024 in the play "Shakespeare in Love" in the role of Viola de Lesseps.

Joëlle realized early on that "different" was "normal" for her. She was looking for ways to live out her creativity. Her path led her to Hamburg in 2012 to become a musical performer. However, she quickly realized that the passion leads her more to acting and singing. Therefore, she switched to the Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg to complete her training as a film and theater actress in the fall of 2017. Further training as a theater pedagogue followed in 2019.

Along the way, she explored her own personality more intensively through trainings in the spiritual field since 2014 and searched for the "more" in herself and others.

Currently, she leads various workshops and courses in Zurich and Winterthur on topics such as performance skills, self-awareness, body awareness.

She also works in the children's and youth theater Metzenthin and in the dance Zwicky for theater, film and musical acting.

From singing, dancing, acting to writing lyrics and creating spaces for self-discovery and bodywork, she has now found her own personal form of expression. Producing her own songs, shooting various music videos and staging her own plays, she has found her home in the performing arts.

Christina worked as an assistant director at the Gleis 5 theater workshop in Frauenfeld while she was still at school, and it was there that she first came into contact with the independent theater scene.

She has been dancing flamenco since the age of seven and although dancing has always been an important part of her life, her love for acting prevailed and she completed her three-year acting training at the Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg.

After graduating in 2018, she came back to Switzerland and had her first engagement at the Stadttheater Winterthur for the two-person play "Oleanna".

She then worked again as a production and director's assistant for Theaterwerkstatt Gleis 5, where she played a leading role in the 2022 summer theater "Der Graf von Monte Christo."

Christina also enjoys being in front of the camera and can be seen in various short films and music videos.

With her acting colleague Sara Ackermann, she realized her first short film as production manager and director in 2023.

In the fall of 2023 she will be seen at the Kammerspiele Seeb in the play "Ab durch den Schrank" and will play her first leading role in a feature film.

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